Two Tiger Eye, Lava Rock Genuine Gemstone Stretch Bracelets


Made to order - Every order is custom made to your size specification. Genuine Tiger Eye Gemstone and Lava Rock. All beads are Grade A+ and bead size is 8mm.

Natural Semi Precious Gemstone will vary in color since they are made by nature. The colors in this piece blend together to make an affordable, unique well- crafted, piece of jewelry.


Tiger’s Eyewas used by the Ancient Egyptians who transformed it into jewelry believing it provided the wearer with luck and protection. Roman soldiers wore it to maintain bravery during battle. The ancient Chinese were also fascinated by this stone’s golden aura, as it was thought to bring good luck. Tiger’s Eye aligns with Solar Plexus Chakra - Courage.

Lava Rock is a mineral that forms when magma from volcanoes hardens and turns into rock. This stone is found worldwide and is one of the oldest and most abundant minerals on earth.  Lava Rock can be used with your favorite essential oils because its surface is able to hold and somewhat absorb those scents. Lava Rock aligns with the Root Chakra – Grounding.

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