Lapis Lazuli and White Jade Genuine Gemstone Stretch Bracelet


Made to order - Every order is custom made to your size specification. Genuine Lapis Lazuli and White Jade Gemstones. All bead quality is Grade A+ and bead size is 8mm. 

Natural Semi Precious Gemstone will vary in color since they are made by nature. The colors in this piece blend together to make an affordable, unique well- crafted, piece of jewelry.


Lapis Lazuli has been used in jewelry, carvings and amulets for thousands of years. Egyptians regarded Lapis Lazuli as a heavenly stone and often used it on the statues of their gods and in burial masks, as protection for the next life. Lapis Lazuli aligns with the Third-Eye Chakra - Wisdom

For thousands of years, Jade has been revered in China and other countries throughout the world. The Mayas, Aztecs, and the Maoris of New Zealand long prized the stone for its use in jewelry and sacred religious figures. Jade aligns with the Third Eye Chakra -  Visualization

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