Hematite, Red Jasper Genuine Gemstone Support Stretch Bracelet


Made to order - Every order is custom made to your size specification. Genuine Red Jasper, Gold Hematite, Clear Quartz Gemstones. The quality of the beads are Grade A+ and bead size is 8mm.


Red Jasper is a gemstone that has been used all over the world. There is also speculation it was red jasper, not ruby that adorned the sacred breastplate of Aaron. Red Jasper aligns with the Root Chakra where sense of one’s own power lives.

Hematite, from 2500 BC to 500BC was turned into powder and used by artists as a pigment. It many users over the years included, 1) prehistoric man for cave paintings, 2) Egyptians to decorate the tombs of pharaohs, and 3) Native Americans as a war paint. Hematite aligns with the Root Chakra - Confidence.

Clear Quartz is an amplifying stone so that whatever you pour into it pours out ten- fold. Clear Quartz aligns with the Crown Chakra - Higher plain. 

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