Crown Chakra Bracelets

BUY 1 OR BOTH - Crown Chakra Bracelets, Genuine Amethyst Gemstone, Lava Rock Diffuser, Protection, Meditation, Prayer, Yoga, Spiritual, 8mm, 2 Bracelets - Includes Affirmation Cards for each Chakra.

Lava Stones is known as grounding stone. It is believed to strengthen the connection to Mother Earth. Lava rocks are great for adding your favorite essential oils as they become natural oil diffusers allowing you to enjoy the aroma while wearing your bracelet. It's aromatherapy on the go!

Amethyst helps balance the Crown Chakra.

Unbalanced – Disconnected from the Divine/Source/Universe, anger at God, difficulty trusting our path, feeling depressed, alone, unsatisfied, and unable to let go of anxiety and fear.

Balanced – Live in the knowledge of unity with the idea we are connected, understand that we are reflections of the Divine, trust that we are connected to the Divine, and understand that our identity goes beyond the physical form, quickly elevating our consciousness.

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