Root Chakra Bracelets

Buy 1 or Both - Root Chakra Bracelets, Genuine Red Jasper Gemstones, Lava Rock Diffuser, Protection, Meditation, Prayer, Yoga, Spiritual, 8mm, 2 Bracelets - Made to order - Every order is custom-made to your size specification. All bracelets are made with genuine gemstones that are Grade A+. Stones are 8mm in size. Includes Affirmation Cards for each Chakra.

Lava Stones is known as grounding stone. It is believed to strengthen the connection to Mother Earth. Lava rocks are great for adding your favorite essential oils as they become natural oil diffusers allowing you to enjoy the aroma while wearing your bracelet. It's aromatherapy on the go!

Red Jasper helps balance the Root Chakra.

Unbalance  – Inability to trust nature, feel ungrounded, feel disconnected, from Mother Earth, have family wounds, do not feel secure that needs are being met (clothing, food, and love), function out of fear, and feel unsafe.

Balanced – Connected to nature, feel grounded, able to move with the ebb and flow of life, always provided for, connected to family in healthy ways, and feel safe.

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