Citrine, Picture Jasper, Bloodstone, Amethyst, Pyrite Genuine Gemstone Stretch Bracelet


Made to order - Every order is custom made to your size specification. Genuine Citrine, Picture Jasper, Bloodstone, Amethyst, Pyrite and Clear Quartz Gemstones. All bead quality is Grade A+ and bead size is 8mm. 

Natural Semi Precious Gemstone will vary in color since they are made by nature. The colors in this piece blend together to make an affordable, unique well- crafted, piece of jewelry.


The name Pyrite comes from the Greek word “pyr” meaning fire It has been used to start fires since prehistoric times. Pyrite has long been known as fool's gold, which fooled many people into thinking they had hit it rich! Pyrite works with Solar Plexus Chakra - Will-Power.

In the ancient world, Bloodstone was the most beautiful of the Jaspers, a deep, earthy green supported with bright red spots. It was named the Christ’s Stone; however, it was treasured long before the time of Christ, known in ancient times as the Sun Stone. Bloodstone works with the Root Chakra – Balance.

Citrine has been used for thousands of years to decorate jewelry and tools, Embraced by the Greeks and adored by Queen Victoria as well as other cultures who have referred to Citrine as the “merchant’s stone. Citrine works with the Solar Plexus Chakra - Manifestation.

Jasper has been mentioned in the bible and other classical sources and though it is a common stone today, Jasper used to be a very valuable. It was one of the most loved gemstones of the ancient world. Picture Jasper works with the Base Chakra - Trust.

Clear Quartz is an amplifying stone so that whatever you pour into it pours out ten- fold. Clear Quartz works with the Crown Chakra - Higher Plain Connection.

Amethyst has been a prized gem for centuries.  There are a several Biblical references to the amethyst, one being it was also one of the twelve precious stones in the high priest Aaron’s breastplate. Amethyst works with the Crown Chakra – Energy.

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