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Blue/Gold Jade Double Layer Bracelet


Blue/Gold Jade Double Layer Bracelet - This unique and well-crafted handmade jewelry is created with the best quality of glass pearls, making it some of the most beautiful, affordable pieces available. In addition to glass pearls, this piece is made with genuine natural gemstones—the beads in this piece blend to create a unique, well-crafted, beautiful piece of jewelry.


  • Blue/Gold Pearl Double Layer Bracelet
  • Silver Accents and Toggle Clasp that is lead and nickel-free.
  • The Bead Size is 8mm. 

Jade has been revered in China and other countries worldwide for thousands of years. The Mayas, Aztecs, and the Maoris of New Zealand long prized the stone in jewelry and sacred religious figures. Jade works with the Third Eye Chakra - Visualization.

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