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Hematite, Red Jasper Genuine Gemstone Stretch Bracelet


Hematite, Red Jasper Genuine Gemstone Stretch Bracelet - Made to order - Every order is custom-made to your size specification. Genuine Red Jasper, Gold Hematite, Clear Quartz Gemstones. The quality of the beads is Grade A+, and bead size is 6mm.


Red Jasper was esteemed by ancient civilizations, who believed that it provided spiritual protection. In addition, it was often associated with inspiring courage. Red Jasper aligns with the Root Chakra - Grounding.

Hematite has been around since 2500 BC. Egyptians used it throughout their culture for decoration. Hematite aligns with the Root Chakra -Grounding.

Clear Quartz is an amplifying stone; every intention you pour into it pours back ten-fold. Clear Quartz aligns with the All Chakras - I Am at Peace.

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