Store Policy

Where indicated, all beads are made of natural stones and will have color variations. We try our best to have the picture be the closest representation of the stone you are getting. However, it is not feasible to get an exceptional representation every time. Therefore, unless the strand is significantly different in color from the natural variations a stone can have, we will not reimburse for slight color variations, differences in color textures, and differences in color transparency. That is not to say we will not be reasonable and work with you if something does not meet your standards.

Not everything will match perfectly what you see on your monitor or your phone. This is part of buying jewelry online. Please understand this before purchasing. If you do not think something matches what you see on your screen and want to return an item, unfortunately, we will sometimes have to take a subjective stance on whether it can be returned or not. Please be OK with this before purchasing.

Typos and mistakes in the description will not be grounds for a refund if your item matches the picture in the listing. Please review the photos when purchasing. If there is a mistake in the title or description, or if the tag on a stone does not match the description when it is an obvious mistake, and the item matches what you see in the picture, we will not accept a return or give you a refund.

Please read and accept our return policy before purchasing.