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September 18, 2021 2 min read

I am often asked which hand do I wear my gemstone jewelry. Here is the thing, gemstones healing comes with interesting attributes and those attributes are the right hand and the left hand have different meanings and contrasting energies.

Gemstone healing, in essence, your hands are a potent energy field that aid in you receiving giving energy. Also, your wrists are the primary link that connects the outside world to you. They also translate your ideas into actions. 

When you wear hand jewelry, all of it works under give and take – situation - what you receive from the energies present around you, and what you release from within. How you can wear your healing gemstones jewelry helps you to tap into the gemstones healing powers.

 Your Left Hand

The left hand is your receiving hand. Its role is to absorb energies. You are accepting external energies through your left hand and extending them to your mind, body, and spirit. For instance, if you wear a Malachite bracelet on your left hand, you will be accepting clarity and spiritual guidance originated by its calming vibrations. In Addition, your left hand represents your yin (feminine side) and is linked with your subconscious, creativity, and dreams.

Your Right Hand

The right hand is you giving hand, and it manages releasing energies. By wearing gemstones on your right hand, you are releasing your inside energy out. The energy core of your right hand is also responsible for protecting you from dark energies. You can imagine your right hand to be the outlet for letting go of unwanted emotions or energies. For instance, you can wear a Black Obsidian gemstone bracelet on your right wrist to cleanse your aura of the negative emotions that weigh you down. Aside from cleansing, your right hand also represents power since it represents your Yang (masculine side). It connects you to the strength, and confidence and is closely related to your power and goals.  

Important Note

Remember gemstones can be worn on either left or right wrist depending on the intention. Gemstones are multifaceted and have multiple ranges of healing properties. Depending what your intention gemstone, can be more useful on the left or right hand. Spend some time to learn your stones and how to harness its powers.


Terry Dotson
Terry Dotson

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