September 26, 2021 3 min read

You have probably been told the importance of cleansing your gemstones. By cleansing your gemstones, you are resetting them to the original purified state, which make it ready for you to use again to its full capacity.

When to Cleanse Gemstones

If you wear or carry a gemstone with you throughout the day, it’s good to cleanse it at the end of the day to have it ready for another trip. If you are like many, this is not always doable due to your busy schedule, so setting up a cleansing schedule once a week is good cleansing routine. After you have been wearing your jewelry for some time you may begin feeling like your gemstones needs cleansing, do it. Your ability to sense energies is always better than you believe, always follow your instincts.

How to Cleanse Gemstones

There are different techniques to cleanse your gemstones. You can decide on the methods suited best for your needs. Try out all techniques listed her below and through your own research, then choose the one that works for you.

Here are 7 safe techniques for you to cleanse gemstones.


Cleansing with water can be a little tricky as it involves handling gemstones with extra care and attention. Some soft gemstones can get damaged with this method. However, cleansing gemstones with water works best with polished stones. A little research can help you know what stones can be cleansed with water. All you must do is dip your gemstones in a bowl of plain water. You can also hold it under running water for a moment if that is more plausible.


Sunlight is great for thorough cleansing, especially for new gemstones. This one is a safe and easy method. Simply place your gemstones on a surface, like a window seal where sunlight can cover them. Make sure it is not direct sunlight, however, since gemstones are vulnerable to discoloration from the sun. They can remain there for a about 10 minutes to a couple of hours.


Cleansing gemstones with moonlight is a popular method. It is a safe way to re-energize and cleanse your gemstones. Since gemstones aren’t exposed to any harsh elements in the moonlight, it is a good method for all gemstone types; rough, natural, and polished. The optimal time to cleanse gemstones with moonlight is the 9 days during the moon cycle, approximately 4 days before and after the full moon. You can explore this by purchasing or download a moon calendar to obtain the ideal dates for any month. During this window, there is sufficient moonlight to restore and energize your gemstones. In this method, you place your gemstones under the night sky where they are bathed in moonlight. Before going to sleep at night place them in an area where the moonlight is visible.


Sound waves can be used to cleanse gemstones. Different instruments, such as a singing bowls, tuning fork, singing bowl, bells, and chimes can be used, by allowing sounds to wash over the gemstones. During this process you must visualize the gemstones releasing negative energies and getting purified.


Gemstones such as Clear Quartz and Selenite are known for their cleansing energies. If you simply place your gemstones right next to a Quartz or Selenite, they will absorb negativity in your gemstones. And the best part of cleansing with Quartz and Selenite you can do it every night and these gemstones clean themselves.


Smoke is another common technique. This technique is suited to any environment or weather. However, it is a process that requires concentration and mindfulness.  Visualize the smoke as a carrier of your intention and see the negativity being released with the smoke as it rises and disperses. You can also cleanse gemstones with the smudging technique with smoke from incense, sage, or herbs.

Please read our blog – How to Program Your Gemstones – to set your intention for your gemstones.


Terry Dotson
Terry Dotson

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